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Awesome site to check out.

2011-08-03 04:35:08 by FreakyTy111

There is a new up and coming website known as the Final Boss Forums and we need your support! Come on and check out the site and make a few posts.

We're all about everything nerdy and geeky from video games to movies, and anime to hentai. Hope to see you there some time.

Come on fool click the mother fuckin' link!


2011-02-04 05:16:53 by FreakyTy111

It's my new favourite phrase, pulled from one of the best web comics around, read it here!!!

5 Stars for Awesome Furry Gamer Chicks, and Nice Asses!

*Edit I had my Epic fail for the day...


2010-08-30 23:04:26 by FreakyTy111

On my FA I'm doing iron artist and I need people to draw for! You can get a flat color image of just about anything, even though I concentrate on furries, FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!

My FA journal

This shit has been cancled on the account that EVERYONE IS A DICK >:(

Where to find me

2010-08-23 23:07:08 by FreakyTy111

I know and completely understand that Newrounds isn't a place for furry art. so only my best peices will show up here. I'm mainly going to use Newgrounds as another place to upload my other non-furry related works, so if you're a fur or even if you're not check me out at Fur Affinity!

My Fur Affinity Acount

As a notice is probably needed I'll tell you guys right now my Fur Affinity page does contain adult material (what else do you expect from furs, right?). So don't you young ones go there!

Much thanks for reading!

Yours truly,